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Cultivating Innovation from Seed to Pre-Series A Start-Ups

At Unicorp, we embark on a journey of cultivating innovation, supporting startups from their seed stage through the critical pre-Series A phase. Our commitment goes beyond traditional investment – it’s about fostering growth, nurturing potential, and shaping the future of groundbreaking enterprises.

Seeding Success through Strategic Insight: Unicorp’s prowess lies in our innate understanding of market opportunities. We leverage deep insights into emerging trends and forecast potential future demands, positioning our investments strategically for long-term gain.”

Beyond Investment, Building Ventures: Unicorp isn’t just an investor; we’re partners in the entrepreneurial journey. We go beyond financial contributions, offering mentorship, guidance, and a network that nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring startups not only survive but thrive.”

From Seed to Soar: Unicorp excels in strategically positioning startups for exponential growth. Our comprehensive approach involves not just injecting capital but aligning resources, providing industry insights, and creating an ecosystem where startups can flourish from their seedling stage to soaring heights in the pre-Series A landscape.”

[ what we offer ]

Empowering Start-ups for Accelerated Success

Unicorp takes pride in offering Start-up Augmentation and Acceleration Services designed to guide budding ventures toward a trajectory of rapid growth and sustainable success. We delve deep into assessing whether start-ups are aligning with a winning product-market fit and go the extra mile to provide them with the essential tools and opportunities needed for organic expansion.

Start-up Augmentation: Unlocking Potential through Expertise and Connections:

In the realm of Augmentation, Unicorp catalyzes growth by providing invaluable industry experience, expert guidance, and relevant industry connections. Our team goes beyond conventional support, offering networking opportunities and streamlining the liaison process for permissions. We believe in augmenting start-ups with not just resources but also the knowledge and connections necessary to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Start-up Acceleration: Focused on Success Metrics:

In Acceleration, Unicorp places emphasis on the tangible success metrics of a start-up. We meticulously evaluate the level of success achieved through their solutions and the corresponding revenue generated. This discerning approach ensures that our time, attention, funding, and mentorship are directed toward start-ups with the potential to make a significant impact in their respective industries. For Unicorp, accelerating a start-up involves strategic partnerships, resource optimization, and a shared vision for achieving sustained success.

Empowering Growth Trajectories: Unicorp’s Commitment:

Our commitment to start-ups goes beyond conventional support. Unicorp is dedicated to empowering growth trajectories by aligning strategic resources, expertise, and opportunities. Whether it’s guiding a start-up toward a promising product-market fit or accelerating their journey through strategic mentorship, Unicorp stands as a reliable partner, propelling start-ups toward accelerated and sustained success.


Market Insight Mastery

Planting Seeds of Success: Cultivating ventures with precision and foresight.


Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mentoring Brilliance: Fostering the spirit of innovation for enduring success.


Strategic Positioning for Growth

Soaring Beyond Limits: Elevating startups to unprecedented heights in the pre-Series A realm.

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What People Say

"Working with Unicorp has been an exceptional experience. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and innovative solutions have significantly contributed to the success of our projects. The team's professionalism, coupled with their ability to adapt to dynamic challenges, truly sets Unicorp apart. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration."
Anna Paulina
Client of Company
"We engaged Unicorp for our project, and their performance exceeded our expectations. The team demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements, delivering high-quality results within the specified timeframe. Unicorp's dedication to client satisfaction, coupled with their technical expertise, makes them a reliable and valuable partner. We highly recommend Unicorp for their outstanding services."
Kristina Lee
Client of Company
"Unicorp's dedication to client satisfaction and expertise in delivering innovative solutions have truly exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism and commitment set a remarkable standard in the industry."
Pablo Gusterio
Client of Company
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